Off Shoots

DMTC is very excited to be setting up a new youth group.

It’s giving its backing and support to one of its newest recruits, Jane MacFarlane to begin this new venture.

 With over 30 years professional musical theatre experience Jane MacFarlane will be setting up the DMTC Youth Group that we are calling ‘Off Shoots’.  It is aimed at children from the ages of 7 to 16 and will meet on Sundays from 4-6 pm at Brigend Theatre.

 Jane said, “It was about time DMTC had their own youth group that will potentially bring on future members of the main company.  I’ve worked with children (and adults) most of my professional life, running workshops and my own Youth Theatre Group in Beverley for over 7 years.  I love working with this age group, as they are so enthusiastic and soak everything up. Brigend is such a wonderful little theatre and has all the sound and lighting capabilities of a professional theatre.  It is the perfect place where children can perform on stage every Sunday.”


DMTC is planning to perform ‘The Sound of Music’ in 2019 and it is hoped that we will be able to cast all the Von Trapp children from ‘Off Shoots’. Jane is also hoping to work with the children of ‘Off Shoots’ to perform ‘Dracula spectacula’ in 2018! This is a great fun musical for children with super music and they will all have the chance to be zombies and ghouls!

There are 20 places to fill in ‘Off Shootst’ and any child can come along. You need to ring Jane on 01387 279496 or 07582 931158 to book your place.  If anyone reading this article has a child who may be interested please call Jane.