Becoming a member

Might DMTC be for me and if so how can I learn more?  

Contact any member of the Committee (details on the Contact Us page) and they will be glad to tell you more and invite you along to one of our rehearsal nights when you can find out whether DMTC IS for you.  

We hold open auditions (and practise sessions for them) for every show.  Everyone is welcome to audition.

If you would rather not tread the boards and you have other skills that might be costume design and/or making; props making; set design; scenery building; sound and lightning; marketing or publicity … or anything else that is back stage or front of house, we would love to hear from you.    

How do I join?

If you are 16 or over you are eligible to become a Member.  Currently, the annual membership fee is £X for students and £30 for adults, payable in one sum, from 1 August. 

We do ask potential Members who want to perform, to have a private ‘practise’ with one of our Musical Directors… if you can hold a tune you will be welcomed into the fold!   However, if your forte is more towards the back stage activities be assured you will be welcomed with open arms.

For any general enquiries about becoming a member of DMTC please contact us by email at