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Become a Patron

We are very grateful to our Patrons and Sponsors whose support and generosity allow us to continue performing.

For just £12 a year you can become a Patron of Dumfries Musical Theatre Company and enjoy advance booking privileges, receive our newsletters (packed with stories about us and our shows!) and be invited to social events.

Whilst not a part of their formal subscription, Patrons receiving information etc. from DMTC by post rather than by electronic means are asked to contribute £5 towards postage costs.

If you would like information on how to become a Patron, please contact:

Our Patrons

Mr Neil Heath

Mr & Mrs L Florey

Mrs Judith Foster

Mrs D R Maitland

Mr & Mrs Robin Matthew

Mr Jim McCambley

Mrs Jennifer Taylor

Dr B Cathcart

Miss M Williamson

Mr & Mrs I R Wilson

Mr & Mrs R Coltart

E Crosbie

Mrs Helen Gray

Mrs Jean Kennedy

Mr Stuart MacDonald

Mrs Jane MacDonald

Mr Ross MacDonald

Mrs Kathleen Hogg

Mrs Angela McCullough

Mrs S M Bell

Mrs Gillian Boyes

Dr HA Brewster

Mr & Mrs Dave & Mary Buckley

Mr & Mrs R Copland

Mrs Mairi Douglas

Miss Elizabeth Ferguson

Mrs J Johnstone

Mr M G Laing

Mrs F Little

Miss Jane Marchbank

Mrs Jean McGowan

Mrs E McMinn

Dr & Mrs R&S Meek

Mrs Eileen Riddick

Mrs I W Ross

Mr & Mrs Tom Shannan

Mrs D Wallace

Miss I Wilson

Mr & Mrs Roger & Maxine Windsor

Mr E G Audsley

Mrs Sharon Rossi

Mrs Marjory Thom

Mrs Olwyn McCormick

Mrs Margaret F Carruthers

Mrs E Archibald

Mrs Liz Morrison

Mrs Margaret Newlands

Mr & Mrs J Reekie

Dr G B McAulay

Ms Iris McKie

Dr J K Johnson

Mrs Helen Cameron

Mrs F Aitken

Mrs I M Baldwin

Mrs S Baxter

Mrs Stephanie Dickson

Mrs Elizabeth Drainer

Mr & Mrs G & J Ferguson

Mrs Carol Godridge

Mr & Mrs J & A Love

Mrs Nancy Marshall

Mr J B More

Mr David Muir

Mrs Heather Purdie

Mrs M E Stairmand

Mr & Mrs RW & A Strahle

Mr & Mrs J & SM Wade

Mr Andrew Walls

Mr Graeme Wilson

Mrs Moira Troup

Mrs E F D Hill

Miss Caroline Doidge

Mrs Carol Finlay

Mrs O B A Woods

Mrs Olive K Geddes

Mrs Margaret Gibson

Miss Anne P Glencross