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Technical Information

Stage Dimensions

Max depth (front of stage to cyc) – 5.64 metres (18feet 6inches).  There is a 0.46 metre ( 18 inches) walkway behind cyc

Proscenium opening – 5.64 metres (18feet 6inches) x 3.048 metres (10 feet) (height)

Actual performing width between flats – 3.963 metres (13feet)

The six permanently rigged flats are 1.22 metres (4 feet) x 3.048 metres (10 feet) and can be rotated.

Lighting System

Lighting Bars

2 FOH lighting bars

3 On Stage Lighting bars


4x Stairville MH-z720 LED Moving Washes

2x Stairville MH-X50+ LED Moving Spot

6x Stairville LED Par 64 RGBW

8X ADJ Encore FR50z LED Fresnels

4x ETC Source Four Jnr 36º Profile

10x Stairville Octagon Theatre

7x Selecon Acclaim Fresnels 650w

2x Eurolite LED Pix-12 Bar

1x Stairville Hz-200 Hazer


ETC ColorSource 20 (Patched to Theatres rig)

Chamsys MagicQ on Theatre Laptop (Patched to Theatres Rig)

18 Channels of Dimmer

Sound System

Sound Desk Equipment

Sound Desk – Behringer X32 Compact Digital Desk

Speakers – the box pro Achat 804 MKII x 2 (Main FOH Speakers)

The box pro Achat 206 Delay Speakers x 2 (Delayed Auxiliary Speakers)

Crown XLi 800 Power Amp (Main FOH Amp)

Crown XTi1002 Lightweight Amp with Integral DSP (Auxiliary FOH Amp)

Microphones – Rode NT5 x 2 Matched Pair

Wireless hand-held Sennheiser XSw 35 Vocal Set E-Band

Di Box – LD Systems LDI 02 DI Box x 4

Small Boom Stand K&M 25960 Small Microphone Stand x2

Straight Microphone Stand – K&M 260/1

Back Stage Speakers

Back stage speakers – Behringer CE500A x 4 – Active Speakers for backstage Delay speakers


Currently, Brigend Theatre is equipped with a Digital Piano, which has stereo jack outputs that can be DI’d and inputted into the desk.  We have the capability to input 16 channels of audio through the desk, as well as inputs for PC, iPod and CD Player. 

The digital piano has a one track recording facility; however, it does not have USB capability.  It is a digital piano rather than a synthesiser, so only has four other tones including Organ, Harpsichord and Electric Piano.  Anyone hiring the theatre is of course welcome to bring their own piano or keyboard in for a performance.  Additional instruments should be provided by the hirer.

Dressing Rooms

The theatre has two dressing rooms.  The upstairs dressing room is above the stage and is accessed by stairs at the back of the stage.  The downstairs dressing room is immediately off the foyer and has direct access to the stage.